Candidates on Slate for 2020-2022 Board of Governors

A slate of seven candidates for election to the ProComm Board of Governors for 2020–2022 has been announced. Alan Chong, University of Toronto Kira Dreher, Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar Joyce Karreman, University of Twente Chris Lam, University of North Texas Bob Lyons, Consultant Laura Patterson, The University of British Colombia Doug … [Read more...]

Get Involved with the IEEE ProComm Expert Network

Looking to get involved and to share ProComm’s expertise and activities? Have a great idea for a workshop or talk that would be of interest to other IEEE members? Why not join the Expert Network? Our Expert Network connects ProComm members with IEEE societies and chapters that will benefit from our communication expertise. As part of this group, … [Read more...]

NSF Travel Grants for US-based Graduate and Undergraduate Students to VTS Conference

As part of NSF's commitment to maintain the United States' research competitiveness and to increase diversity, we are pleased to offer competitive travel grants to the Diversity Workshop at VTC2019-Fall in Honolulu, Hawaii. Eligibility - Graduate students currently pursuing Ph.D. degrees in accredited higher … [Read more...]

Why “Engineered to Speak”​ should be the next book you read for your professional development goals

Ryan Boettger - Editor, Book Series in Professional Engineering Communication, Wiley IEEE Press Engineered to Speak: Helping You Create and Deliver Engaging Technical Presentations launches today! I also have a limited number of promo codes for 25%-35% off the sale price. DM me if you would like a code for the launch date. Take a few … [Read more...]

Request for Proposals for Guest Editorship and Special Issue Topic IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication June 2021 Issue

The IEEE Transactions on Professional Communicationrequests proposals for guest editorship and special issue topic for the June 2021 issue.   Anyone may propose a topic and apply for guest editor status. Guest editors need not be members of the IEEE Professional Communication Society.The proposed guest editor … [Read more...]

Empathetic Engineers in Professional Practice

by Laura Patterson Good design and good writing are, in many ways, invisible to the user.  If something is designed well, then the user is able to use it as intended without necessarily thinking about the design.  In order to achieve that invisible nature of good design in physical objects as well as documents, empathy is an … [Read more...]

Changing Stereotypes: Engineers Can (and Need to) Communicate

Engineers and communication do not mix: this notion remains commonplace among engineers themselves, as well as part of the stereotype of “the engineer” that is pervasive in the public eye. This is despite the fact that communication is now seen to be pivotal to key engineering tasks, such as analysis, problem solving, and design, and in most of the … [Read more...]

Using Data AND Story to Persuade Readers

For a technical audience of engineers, quantitative data often holds the key to persuasion. For more general audiences, however, narrative or storytelling has been shown to potentially hold greater sway. In addition, the effectiveness of both techniques is context-based and contingent on the type of response one might induce.  Research on both … [Read more...]

Lecturer Position in Professional Writing at the University of California, Davis

The UC Davis University Writing Program invites applications for full-time lecturers to teach advanced undergraduate courses in professional writing. We especially anticipate needs in writing for engineering, writing for business, technical writing, and science writing. … [Read more...]

Think like your audience for better, more effective communication

One of the cardinal sins in professional communication is to focus on what you want to say, rather than what your audience needs to hear. A poet or a novelist may have the privilege of their audiences wanting to hear what they have to say, but if you’re trying to either (1) inform or (2) persuade your audience, as most professional communicators … [Read more...]