Videos for Transactions Peer Reviewers

The Editorial Team of the IEEE Transaction on Professional Communication has
prepared a series of videos designed to assist both new and experienced reviewers in
peer reviewing manuscripts for the journal.


If you have never reviewed for us before, we suggest that you begin with the first two
videos, “Introduction to Reviewing for the Transactions” and “How to Complete a Review
Rubric,” before moving to the video corresponding to the manuscript genre that you have
been asked to review.


If you are an experienced reviewer but have been asked to review a manuscript genre
that is new to you, you may simply want to watch the video corresponding to that genre.
Manuscript authors or prospective authors may also want to familiarize themselves with
the journal’s review processes by watching one or more of these videos.


You can select each of the available videos to view from this page.
Please note that each video is closed captioned (CC) to enhance accessibility for
persons who are deaf or who have hearing loss, or to assist those for whom English is
not their first language in better understanding the videos.
We hope that these video tutorials will enhance the peer review experience.

Introduction to Reviewing for the Transactions

How to Complete a Review Rubric

Reviewing Research Articles

Reviewing Integrative Literature Reviews

Reviewing Case Studies

Reviewing Teaching Cases

Reviewing Tutorials