2017 PCS Officers
AdCom Members
AdCom and Committees Contact Information

PCS is governed by a 12 member Administrative Committee (AdCom). Each of these members is either an elected officer or serves on one or more committees.

2018 PCS Officers

Elected Officers

President: Suguru Ishizaki
Vice President: Necia Werner

Appointed Officers

Secretary: Erin Friess
Treasurer: Bryan Traynor

AdCom Members


If you have questions about PCS as a whole, or a specific committee, please feel free to contact Suguru Ishizaki.

Term ends December 2018 Term ends December 2019 Term ends December 2020
erin freiss
Erin Friess
rich house
Rich House
lydia wilkinson
Lydia Wilkinson
darina slattery
Darina Slattery
chris lam
Chris Lam
Necia Werner
brian ballentine
Brian Ballentine
Brian Traynor
Brian Traynor
Sean Moseley
Suguru Ishizaki
Bob Lyons
Claas Digimayer
Claas Digmayer


Ex-officio Members

george hayhoe
George Hayhoe
Alan Chong
Alan Chong
 Ryan Boettger
Ryan Boettger


Standing Committee Chairs and Members

Content: Sean Moseley
Meetings: Necia Werner
ProComm 2018 (Toronto, ON, Canada): Peter Weiss & Lydia Wilkinson
ProComm 2019 (Aachen, Germany): Eva Maria Jacobs

Other Positions

Immediate Past President: Rich House
IEEE Press Liaison: Ryan Boettger
IEEE-USA Committee on Communications Policy (CCP): Luke Maki
Transactions Editor: George Hayhoe
Digital Content Curator: Alan Chong

PCS Fellows Evaluation Committee: Amitava Dutta-Roy

AdCom and Committees Contact Information

Name E-mail Address Institution
Brian Ballentine brian.ballentine@mail.wvu.edu West Virginia University
Ryan Boettger ryan.boettger@unt.edu University of North Texas
Alan Chong alan.chong@utoronto.ca University  of Toronto 
Claas Digmayer c.digmayer@tk.rwth-aachen.de Aachen University
Erin Friess erin.friess@unt.edu University of North Texas
George Hayhoe hayhoe_g@mercer.edu Mercer University School of Engineering 
Rich House house@rose-hulman.edu Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Suguru Ishizaki suguru.ishizaki@ieee.org Carnegie Mellon University
Eva Maria Jacobs e.m.jakobs@tk.rwth-aachen.de Aachen University
Chris Lam Chris.Lam@unt.edu University of North Texas
Robert Lyons lyonsrp1@EARTHLINK.NET Consultant
Sean Moseley moseley@rose-hulman.edu Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Darina Slattery Darina.Slattery@ul.ie University of Limerick
Brian Traynor btraynor@mtroyal.ca Mount Royal University
Necia Warner nkw@cmu.edu Carnegie Mellon
Peter Weiss weissp@ecf.utoronto.ca University of Toronto
Lydia Wilkinson lydia.wilkinson@mail.utoronto.ca University of Toronto