The ProComm Expert Network (PEN) is a new initiative from PCS to continue advancing effective communication in engineering, scientific, and other technical environments. The PEN connects other IEEE entities with our experienced members who provide information and training on professional communication topics. This initiative is similar to Distinguished Lecturer programs offered by other IEEE Societies/Councils, but the events will be more like a workshop than a lecture.

The main audience is IEEE sections, regions, and chapters. Their membership is mostly professional engineers/scientists, engineering educators, and students. They want a communication expert to come speak to their members at their regular meeting. Potential topics may include:

  • Giving effective oral presentations
  • Creating informative slides
  • Communicating in Plain Language

The volunteer PEN Experts are chosen by the PCS Administrative Committee and could include former society award winners, leaders in a particular field of professional communication, experienced workshop or training program facilitators, or society members with unique scholarly experience of interest to engineers.

Experts serve between two to three year terms, with an expectation of up to two visits per year. The cost of the visits will be shared between PCS and the host.

Nomination information

Experts must be PCS members. All nominations (including self-nominations) should include a CV and short written answers to the following questions:

  • What qualifies this candidate to represent PCS as an Expert? What topics would they offer?
  • What prior experience in public speaking, teaching, or giving workshops does this candidate have?
  • What professional interactions have you had with the candidate that strengthen your recommendation? Or, if self-nominated, what professional interactions have you had with PCS members that strengthen your application?
  • What other professionals can speak to this candidate‚Äôs ability?

Collaborative teams must apply as individuals, but can reference their partnership in application materials.

Please send nominations by email to the PEN Coordinator at: