Looking to get involved and to share ProComm’s expertise and activities? There are two ways to become a part of the PEN network —as a local volunteer or as a formal PEN expert.

As a local volunteer, you will identify groups that might benefit from your knowledge and our society’s resources. Opportunities might include giving a communication workshop, a presentation or panel at your institute or for an interested organization nearby. Think about the connections and expertise you already have and start there. Contact the PEN coordinator directly with your idea, and we can help by providing you with IEEE PCS branded resources, as well as suggestions for planning the session.

Second, you can formally apply to join our group of experts. As part of this group, you may be asked to travel on behalf of IEEE to locations outside your region, to share your expertise on a particular topic in technical communication. The main audience for these activities is other IEEE sections, regions and chapters, whose membership may be made up of professional engineers/scientists, engineering educators, and students.

This role is more closely aligned with the distinguished lecturer positions in other IEEE societies, and as such involves a more rigorous application process. We’ll need a CV and short written answers to the following questions:

  • What qualifies you to represent PCS as an Exerpt? What topics would you offer?
  • What prior experience in public speaking, teaching, or giving workshops do you have?
  • What professional interactions have you had with PCS members that strengthen your application?
  • What other professionals can speak to your ability?
  • We’re excited to grow our Professional Expert Network so that we can share more of what we do at IEEE PCS with the broader community.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact: Procomm-ExpertNetwork@ieee.org.