Enrollment Management and Institutional Research in Kyoto, Japan

So, what do EM and IR have to do with Kyoto, Japan, one of the most iconic and historic of all Japanese cities?  At first glance, not much, but Kyoto is the site this weekend (February 22-23, 2013) for the 3rd Study Session on EM and IR, sponsored by Professor Shinji Fukushima of the Office of Enrollment Management at Yamagata University.  I was … [Read more...]

Congratulation to the PCS Award Winners!

On Tuesday, October 9, PCS recognized the achievements and contributions of several of our members at our annual Awards Reception, at the Fairwinds Alumni Center on the campus of the University of Central Florida.  I was able to get a photo of each award winner, and here they are: The Alfred N. Goldsmith Award recognizes Distinguished … [Read more...]

Nothing Completes a Day Better Than an Afternoon Keynote and Awards

When I think about the best way to finish the day, I naturally think:  Keynote!  Suguru Ishizaki completed a full Day 2 with the afternoon keynote on his development of assessments for measuring student learning in information design. From the last session of the day, we moved to the Fairwinds Alumni Center at UCF for the Reception and the … [Read more...]

IPCC Day 2

Wow, yesterday was a full and fun day!  We wrapped up Day 1 with a keynote by Kirk St. Amant, who will be receiving the Blicq Award for Distinction in Technical Communication at tonight's Award Reception.  Ron Blicq is here and will be giving the award to Kirk, quite a legacy of PCS history! Today's sessions were quite various, but here are some … [Read more...]

IPCC 2013—Beyond Borders: Communicating Globally — July 15-17, Vancouver

Rideshare Information Requirements for Presenters Preliminary Conference Program and Schedule Registration Still Open Conference Theme In the 21st Century, technical communicators must redefine or transcend borders of many kinds: social, linguistic, national, and cultural. As practitioners, researchers, and educators in the field of technical … [Read more...]

IPCC 2012 Communicating Vision — October 8-10, Orlando FL

Conference Program The theme of this year’s conference is Communicating Vision. Vision is one of the most important channels for communicating information, encompassing all aspects of data visualization, information design, and best graphical practices, in all forms of print and electronic media. Of course, we just as often refer to vision in a … [Read more...]