Career Development

Managing communication in large-scale projects

Moving from Student to Engineer: Part 2

By Robert Lyons, Technical and Management Consultant, and Nancy Barr, PhD

On top of their day jobs, engineers are often called on to work on the proposals to win business that keeps the company alive. Engineering students are probably familiar …

How communication in industry differs from academia

Moving from Student to Engineer – Part 1

By Robert Lyons, Technical and Management Consultant, and Nancy Barr, PhD

The differences between academic and industrial communication projects seem to be in scope and scale of content, size and number of teams, duration of collaboration, and geographic dispersion. 

Industry …

Communication is negotiation

By Nancy Barr, PhD, and Robert Lyons, Technical and Management Consultant.

A common question of engineering students nearing graduation involves negotiating. They want to know whether it’s okay to negotiate when they receive a job offer, how to negotiate without offending, i.e., losing out on the …

How we understand, teach, and learn about engineering ethics

Ethics has long been acknowledged as central to engineering education; yet current approaches to teaching engineering ethics fail to understand the the psychological and philosophical literature about how ethics are learned. The three dominant modes may be identified as:

The ethical theories approach: Akin to approaches …

Pitching Yourself, Part 2: Energize your Resume

In a previous post, I wrote about your job application as an argument, and showed how we could use a rhetorical framework established by Stephen Toulmin to help your cover letters do a more effective job of connecting your evidence to the job requirements. In …

Podcast: Engineering Success Through Better Communication, with Anthony Fasano

In this podcast, we discuss the role that communication skills play in determining success for engineers with Anthony Fasano, author of the IEEE-Wiley series book, Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career, and strategies for improving communication skills in various formal and …