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The “A” Word Redux

In this case, it stands for ABET!
In the fall of 2012, I posted on a topic that strikes fear in the hearts of engineering educators–ABET, Inc.  At that time, one year ago, my campus was preparing for the site visit of ABET evaluators, a three …

LinkedIn–Not Your Grandmother’s Facebook

In the Huffington Post on August 14, 2013, Adam Wexler provided several interesting insights regarding the ways in which LinkedIn is gaining social media prominence over Facebook.  As he explains,
Forget your Facebook–Like your LinkedIn!
“LinkedIn possesses an inherent advantage over all of the other social networks: it …

Welcome Class of 2017!

Move in day at Rose-Hulman, when temps reached the 90’s!
At this time of year, as Rose-Hulman first year students arrive and begin orientation, I always like to take a look at the Beloit College Mindset List, an inventory of the Class of 2017.  Every year …

At Shibaura Institute of Technology

Yes, this building really is as enormous as it looks!
On Friday, I gave the first of two talks at Shibaura Institute of Technology, entitled “Institutional Research and Educational Assessment at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology:  Creating a Culture of Evidence.”  Faculty and staff involved in SIT’s …

Using Social Media for Job Searching

Getting a job involves more than just updating your resume!
As part of my Professional and Technical Communication course at Rose-Hulman, I ask students to revise their current resume and job application letter to target a particular job and company.  For many students, the notion of …

Let’s Engineer Communication!

Teaching communication to engineers looks a lot like conducting an orchestra.
On Monday, November 26th, we started a new academic term here at Rose-Hulman, my home institution. That means I met with students in the two sections of the Technical and Professional Communication course that I …

Making Academic Change Happen, May 30-June 2, 2012

This summer faculty at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology are offering a new, 4-day workshop for faculty, staff, administrators, and graduate students interested in improving STEM education:
Making Academic Change Happen … impacting your classrooms, colleagues, and campus.
Wednesday, May 30 – Saturday, June 2, 2012
Application deadline is …