Plain Language in the Sciences

Science (and engineering) is often considered a highly exclusive domain, with participation requiring significant education and practical experience. One of the ways that science and engineering maintains its exclusivity is through its highly specialized language and rhetorical conventions. For example, the scientific paper has traditionally had a gatekeeping …

Finding your Voice and Verbs in Engineering

In her paper “‘Here We Show’: Teaching Engineering Students to Reason with an Audience,” to be delivered at ProComm 2020, Dr. Suzanne Lane argues that learning to use first-person discourse alongside with active voice is an important step in becoming an engineer. 

Although the use of …

Cognitive Biases in Technical Communication

How aware are you of your cognitive biases and how they can impact your reception and delivery of communication? In a paper to be delivered at ProComm2020, Quan Zhou categorizes and outlines over twenty cognitive biases that can play into the communication act. 

The Cognitive Bias …

ProComm 2019 Wrap-up

A wonderful venue for our reception at Aachen’s Great Hall

Aachen provided a wonderful backdrop to a great and productive conference. From the opening reception at the Forum M in the center of town, to the keynotes by Martina Ziefle and Jan Borchers, to a wonderful …

2017 Conference Recap and Awards!

Thanks for an amazing conference Madison! We had wonderful keynotes anchoring our conference sessions.

Michael Gleischer’s keynote on Shakespeare and Data Visualization got us thinking about how data visualization techniques might be able to help us see communication acts – including Shakespeare’s – in different ways, …

ProComm 2017 Author Resources

For accepted work, please use these templates to format your drafts and final versions. When you click on the link, you will get a Word Doc to edit.  Follow the directions closely!
Brief Papers
Extended Abstracts
Full Papers
IEEE Style Guide (with citation help) 

Bruce Maylath on the Cult of Monolingualism

At the 2016 IEEE ProComm conference, we asked Bruce Maylath, winner of the 2016 Ronald S. Blicq award, about the cult of monolingualism and the dangers it presents to communicating technical work. Listen to his responses and examples in the video below to avoid the practical …

2016 Conference Recap and Awards!

Thanks to all of the conference organizers and attendees for a great ProComm 2016 at the University of Texas in Austin, a fabulous city and conference venue!

Bob Metcalfe kicked off the conference with a enlightening talk on entrepreneurship communication, outlining the various ways in which our …

Derek Ross: Land Ethics in Technical Communication (Lufkin Award Winner)

Derek Ross of Auburn University gives us an overview of his Lufkin Award (2015) winning paper, “Conversations about place: Dialogic ethics and land ethics in technical communication,” co-authored with Russell Willerton, of Boise State University. Here, he defines land ethics, and discusses how they might …