Published on July 28, 2017

Thanks for an amazing conference Madison! We had wonderful keynotes anchoring our conference sessions.

Michael Gleischer’s keynote on Shakespeare and Data Visualization got us thinking about how data visualization techniques might be able to help us see communication acts – including Shakespeare’s – in different ways, and about fruitful collaborations with other disciplines. That kicked off a productive Monday full of interesting and inspiring conference sessions, leaving us with lots to consider.
To start our Tuesday, Goldsmith winner Cindy Atman outlined  an informal theory of change via reflective activity that opened up a whole host of new practices for professional and personal development for engineering students and engineers.
On Tuesday afternoon, Joanna Wolfe provided useful and important perspectives on gender and engineering teams, providing useful techniques for developing an inclusive, collaborative style.


Her talk lead directly to our Awards reception, where our winners received their plaques in the Pyle Center Alumni Lounge, with the beautiful Lake Mendota in the background.

Wednesday was filled with great workshops, including Christine Nicometo’s on Teaching Oral Presentations Online, and closing with a nod to ProComm 2018 in Toronto.