Published on June 10, 2024

The IEEE Professional Communication Society is managed by a Board of Governors comprising 12 volunteers who work to assure that our society serves its members and the field of technical and professional communication. If you are interested in a higher level of involvement in the society and IEEE, we invite you to consider being a candidate for the Board. 

Nominations are due by July 26, 2024, and should be accompanied by this  short biographical form, filled out by the nominee, along with a profile photo (ideally). The form and photo can be emailed directly to Darina Slattery, @

An election will be held this year to fill four positions with three-year terms (January 2025 – December 2027). BoG members-at-large must be both Professional Communication Society and IEEE members (i.e., affiliates are not eligible) and in good standing with all dues paid. All nominees will be vetted by IEEE before being included on the slate of candidates. Each year, half of the open positions for Board members-at-large will be elected by the members of the Society. The other half will be elected by the Board. 

Board members commit to attend Board meetings each year; typically one of the meetings is a face-to-face meeting at the International Professional Communication Conference (ProComm) and others are held virtually. Board members also engage in e-mail discussions between meetings, and participate in ProComm activities throughout the year. 

Each member-at-large is strongly encouraged to provide leadership in the society by, for example, chairing a standing or ad hoc committee, serving as a society officer, or playing a lead role in an upcoming ProComm conference.  

The election schedule will be as follows (exact dates to be announced when known): 

  • Online Election opens in early November 2024 
  • Online Election closes in early December 2024 
  • Board Election meeting in early to mid-December 2024 

If you are interested in serving on the Board, or know someone who might be, please contact Darina Slattery, @ Please note that all candidates are required to review and adhere to the updated electioneering policies of the organization (refer to IEEE Policies, Sections 13, 14, and 9.28). Each candidate must confirm that they agree to adhere to the IEEE Policies and guidelines.  General electioneering guidelines with Q&As are available online

You can learn more about our society by visiting 

Darina M. Slattery 
Immediate Past President, IEEE ProComm