Published on October 14, 2016

Are you preparing a RED proposal for your program? Are you struggling with what it means to be revolutionary? Are you unsure of who you need on your team to create a successful proposal? Are you confused about change models and how to use them to produce change? If any of the answers to these questions are ‘yes’ – join us for a free online webinar series hosted by previous RED grantees. We will share our experiences as we worked to create a successful proposal. This webinar series aims to instigate exchanges of revolutionary ideas, stimulate new directions that are well-aligned with the RED program description, and cultivate innovative potential in the production of RED grant proposals.

  • Wednesday, October 19, 12:00-2:00pm PST
  • Thursday, October 20, 12:00-1:30pm PST
  • Friday, October 21, 10:30-12:00pm PST

Register for workshops here, and read more about the workshops in this .pdf