1. Remove all identifying information for the author(s) article (except on the title page):
  • Author name in Properties section of the file
  • Author name in running header and footer
  • References by name to the author’s employer or other organizations with which the author is affiliated
  • Excessive references (more than 3) to works by any of the author(s)
  1. Use the checklist below to ensure your article follows our requirements
  2.  Then submit it to our Editor-in-Chief by e-mail.

In the message, provide the following:

    • Name
    • Contact information
    • Title
    • Abstract

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Use the checklist below before submitting to ensure that your paper is considered for publication.

☐ Ensure that your topic will interest our readers

We publish articles related to the following preferred topics:

  • Impact of information and communications technologies
  • Design techniques and usability of various genres and media
  • Management of professional and technical communicators
  • Communication practices of both technical professionals and communication professionals
  • Social impact of professional and technical communications and technology
  • Technical standards for communication practices and technologies
  • Reports of effectiveness of research methodologies in this field.

☐ Make sure your article follows one of the following formats for articles published in the journal:

☐ Starts with a structured abstract

See the guidelines for preparing structured abstracts

☐ Follows the guidelines for formatting references

See the guidelines for preparing references

☐ Follows the guidelines for formatting the manuscript

See the guidelines for formatting manuscripts

Note: Before final acceptance, articles must conform to these guidelines.