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About Us

The IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication is the peer-reviewed journal of the Professional Communication Society of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).  We have published continuously since 1957.

About Our Readers: Our readers are engineers, who need to communicate on the job, the professionals who communicate on behalf of engineers, and the educators who train all of these professionals.

Our primary audience is members of the IEEE Professional Communication Society, a highly educated group (most have graduate degrees), of which a significant portion work either as engineers who have a communication responsibility or as practicing professional and technical communicators. Only about one third of our members work in academic institutions.

Our secondary audience is academics and graduate students in Professional and Technical Communication,  professional and technical communicators who are not members of the IEEE, and engineers who are members of IEEE but not of the Professional Communication Society.

Publication schedule:   We publish issues quarterly.  All issues appear first online.  Subscriptions are required to view all content except Open Access content.

In addition, articles that become ready for publication between issues (have completed the review process, are produced for publication, and have received final approvals) are published in the Early Access section of the website of the journal.

Printing schedule:  We print and mail the IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication twice a year: in June and December. Each printing contains two issues.  (June printings contain issues 1 and 2 for the year; December printings contain issues 3 and 4 for the year.)  Members of the Professional Communication Society and other subscribers receive the printed materials by mail.

Databases That Carry this Journal:  EBSCOhost, IEEExplore, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Scholars Portal.

Indexes That Include this Journal: The IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication is indexed in databases such as CSA, EBSCOhost, Elsevier, Gale, H.W. Wilson, OCLC, Ovid, ProQuest, Thomson Reuters, and VINITI RAN.

Impact Factor:  According to Journal Citation Reports, our journal has a 2011 impact factor of 0.66 and a 5-year impact-factor of 0.87.