Published on July 31, 2022

Duke University’s School of Engineering is hiring an instructor (written, oral and intercultural communications) to work with master’s and PhD students. You would work with a creative and collaborative team of educators. Graduate Communications and Intercultural Programs (GCIP) is a communications resource center designed to provide all graduate students at the Pratt School of Engineering with personalized, one-on-one coaching in the areas of oral and written communication, as well as workshops and courses to help build specific communications skills. GCIP serves both domestic and international students and offers a combination of resources targeted to serve engineers from all backgrounds. 

GCIP Communications Consultants (WORKING TITLE) will serve as communications coaches, workshop developers and facilitators, cultural competence experts, and curriculum designers and facilitators for English language learning courses. Based on consultant’s areas of expertise, specializations in the areas of oral communications, technical writing, cultural competence, etc. may be identified and/or developed.

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