Published on January 19, 2015

N.W. Coppola

Perhaps it was the intriguing medieval castles or the pints raised at local pubs, but there was a bonhomie that developed around IPCC 2005 that made our conference colleagues feel like kindred spirits sharing a remarkable journey. And ProComm 2015 should prove no differently. One of my fondest memories was our trip to the 15th Century Bunratty Castle for a medieval banquet. Before we entered the banquet hall, two of our party were crowned Earl and Lady of Thomond. They handled their regal duties with aplomb while we enjoyed the hearty meal, excellent music, and the kind of good spirits that have made Irish laughter famous. Go to ProComm 2015 for the excellent interactive learning, but make sure to enjoy this lighter side of Limerick.

Nancy Coppola