Published on November 6, 2012

In this case, it stands for ABET!

My blogging has been severely curtailed in the past several weeks because of the imminent arrival of program evaluators from the Engineering Accreditation Commission and the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.  Yes, every six years (or more frequently if you aren’t doing your job properly), engineering and computer science programs undergo extensive review by volunteer evaluators, known in the trade as “PEVs.”  In the case of Rose-Hulman, our last visit was in 2006, and this year we prepared for evaluations from 9 programs (to be re-accredited) and 1 program to be accredited for the first time.

Needless to say, the preparation is time-consuming, but the end result is one that I can stand by:  the review is intended to help programs improve, in their curricula, their faculty, their facilities, and their responsiveness to the needs of alumni, industry, and students.  Once the dust has settled, this intrepid blogger will be back with more postings.  You have been warned!