Published on May 24, 2016

1118328027The newest book in the Wiley IEEE PCS series, Teaching and Training for Global Engineering: Perspectives on Culture and Professional Communication Practices, edited by Kirk St. Amant and Madelyn Flammia, is now out!

This book presents a range of perspectives, examples, and concepts for teaching international professional communication in different settings.  Industry professionals and academic researchers alike have written entries for Teaching and Training for Global Engineering: Perspectives on Culture and Professional Communication Practices, which have been organized into four cohesive, context-based sections that examine central issues associated with offering effective instruction on communication in global settings.  The first section presents approaches for teaching issues of language and visual design related to international communication. The second section reviews aspects of software use and ethical practices associated with communicating globally. The third section discusses how educators can use  information and communication technology (ICT), online courses, and virtual teams to teach students about professional interactions in international environments.  The concluding section then draws all of these ideas together by presenting mechanisms for integrating the teaching of international communication into individual classes or overall curricula.

In examining these issues, these entries also provide readers with:

  • An in-depth analysis of how cultural factors influence translation, document design, and visual communication
  • A review of approaches for addressing the issue of international communication in a range of classes and training sessions
  • A summary of strategies for engaging in effective e-learning in international contexts
  • A synopsis of how to incorporate emerging media into international teaching and training practices

This book can be used by university and college educators, organizational trainers, industry professionals, and graduate and undergraduate students who wish to learn more about effective communication practices in global contexts.

Kirk St.Amant is the Eunice C. Williamson Endowed Chair in Technical Communication at Louisiana Tech University, USA. Dr. St.Amant has previously worked on international projects for companies such as Metronic, VERITAS Software, The Braun Corporation, Unisys, Humanitarian Demining Information Center (HDIC), and the Consortium for the Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education (CEUME).

Madelyn Flammia is an Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida, USA, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in Technical Communication. Dr. Flammia is the co-author of Intercultural Communication: A New Approach to International Relations and Global Challenges. She has published articles in IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication and the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, and was the recipient of a 2014 NCTE Technical and Scientific Communication Award.