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What Do Your Grammar Errors Say About You?

Misplace a comma or misuse “their,” and this guy will misplace your resume!
Kyle Wiens, writing in the Harvard Business Review, has offered important observations about what your errors in writing may say to a prospective employer.  In a blog post entitled “I Won’t Hire People Who …

More on the M-Dash

Ben Yagoda has provided more information on the m-dash in today’s New York Times.  I am pleased that my own ramblings on the subject in a previous blog inspired others to explore this dainty bit of punctuation goodness!

Who Cares About The Oxford Comma? I Do!

I need this t-shirt!
I am ready to confess:  I do care a lot about the Oxford comma.  The purpose of this post is to make you care too.
The Oxford comma, or “serial comma,” is meant to separate three or more items that appear in a …

Dash-ing All The Way

Do you know why it’s called an “em dash”?
My day job — as an English professor at an engineering college — gives me plenty of opportunities to comment on and correct the grammar of my students. I don’t often do the same kind of correcting …