‘What’ are my team members? Getting engineers to see the ‘who’: Part Three

In my last post, I talked about some team process development strategies for teams that are coming together to create effective ways of working together. The focus of these posts has been on getting to see ‘who’ your team members are, and learning to understand them (their interests, their objectives, and their behaviours) in a way that allows you … [Read more...]

‘What’ are my team members? Getting engineers to see the ‘who’: Part Two

Three key practices for getting to know and really communicating with your team members In my last post, I spoke about engineers’ and engineering students’ bias towards seeing ‘what’ their team members produce as opposed to ‘who’ their team members are and ‘how’ they can contribute to making the team and the product better. Teams that only see the … [Read more...]

Yvonne Cleary & Darina Slattery: How Virtual Teams Communicate and How They Might Communicate Better

Yvonne Cleary and Darina Slattery of the University of Limerick present the finding of their research into communication strategies in virtual teams, identifying common problems, and strategies for improving group communication in virtual spaces. Their talk was delivered at the IEEE PCS Conference in Limerick, Ireland in July 2015, and you can find … [Read more...]

Dr. Alex Ilyasova on Emotional Intelligence and Engineering Communication

Dr. Alex Ilyasova, Director of the Professional and Technical Writing Program at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, defines emotional intelligence and describes the important role that it plays in engineering work, particularly in communication within teams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0Ynt3pzjpQ Her research on this topic was … [Read more...]

‘What’ are my team members? Getting engineers to see the ‘who’

By Patricia Sheridan A three part series on a fundamental principle of effective group communication Too often I meet with engineers and engineering students whose teams are not functioning well. They will talk to me about the project, they will talk to me about the deliverables, and they will readily talk to me about the task-based competencies … [Read more...]

Lessons from Academia in Developing English Language Skills and Training Programs

  Many engineering schools, both in English speaking and non-English speaking countries, have had to come up with strategies for improving the English language abilities of their students.  Schools in predominantly English speaking countries with increasing non-domestic enrolments have begun to see the importance of language support for … [Read more...]

Bernadette Longo on What Interdisciplinarity Means for Professional Communication

Dr. Bernadette Longo gave the closing keynote at IEEE PCS 2014 conference on Disciplinary Grounding and Interdisciplinary Understanding. We asked her a few questions about the challenges and opportunities this increasing interdiscipinarity presents for professional communication. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptwurDrbX4w Find out more about … [Read more...]