Published on April 13, 2016

hand-159474_960_720In his previous article, Ferry Vermeulen, MSc. showed us how to  determine relevant information and delete any non-relevant information as Step #1 of the Thumbs Up Technique for Simplified Technical English. In his second  article, he discusses Step#2, how to use the online STE-Dictionary to find approved usage of words.

The words you choose in your documentation can have a big impact. For example the word “SET” can mean, amongst others: to diminish or decline, fixed and rigid, or to put in a specific position. Writing in a clear, concise and consistent manner is important.

As another example, the sentence “Turn off the engines not required” could mean:

  1. Turn off the engines that are not required, or
  2. Turning off the engines is not required

That’s why the ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English Specification contains a dictionary (that is part 2 of the standard). The dictionary is a list of words that are approved for use, but also includes entries for unapproved words.  By identifying appropriate and problematic usage, it helps users find the right words for specific situations to help create clear messages. Read more about it in this article.