School towards the New Normal Digital World

Tomoyuki Sugiyama, President
Digital Hollywood University, Japan


Tomoyuki Sugiyama is President of Digital Hollywood University, Japan. He was born in Tokyo, 1954, and worked as a visiting researcher at MIT Media Lab for 3 years from 1987. After working as the chief researcher at the International Media Research Foundation in 1990 and a full-time instructor at Nihon University Junior College in 1993, He established Digital Hollywood Co., LTD. in October, 1994, and opened Digital Hollywood Graduate School (Graduate School of Digital Content) in 2004, which is the first graduate school for specialists run by a corporation in Japan. He then opened Digital Hollywood University (School of Digital Communications) in the following year and currently serving as the President of the University. Digital Hollywood University co-established the Department of Design and Creation of Music with Shanghai Conservatory of Music in September 2011. President Sugiyama served for seven years as the Dean of the Department. He also has held positions such as the director of VR Consortium, the auditor of Location-based VR Association Inc. and others. In 1999, He received a special achievement award in the AMD Award of Association of Media in Digital.


In 1990, I predicted that professionals in the 21st century would have to be able to use computers to express what they wanted to say no matter what their profession. With this idea in mind, in 1994, I started a school in Tokyo called Digital Hollywood. Since then, I have established and operated a graduate school and a four-year university while being tormented by the wild waves of technological innovation that have emerged as a glittering star. I am still searching for the school to be a catapult for the professionals of the future. In my keynote, I’ll discuss my experience as president and the digital world in the second half of the 21st century.