The IEEE ProComm Japan 2020 Symposium will take place virtually on 20 December, 2020, and address professional communication in a digitalized world.

The goal of the symposium is to envision the future of professional communication, focusing especially on how emerging computational technologies, including AI, will create new opportunities for the research, practice and education of professional communication.

Since our planning began about a year ago before the COVID 19 pandemic hit the world, we have seen so many changes in how we communicate, and some of them may have a lasting impact on the future of professional communication. In light of this background, we have invited a group of distinguished experts from outside of the field of professional communication to help us envision the future of the research, practice and education of professional communication. Topics will include:

  • Future of Professional Communication
  • Automated Language Generation
  • Computer-aided non-verbal communication
  • Non-Contact AI Teaching
  • Teaching Communication Skills to Computer Science Students
  • Emerging Technology for Business Communication

Who should attend the symposium

We invite researchers, practitioners, and students who are interested in professional and technical communication to participate in this symposium. The cost of attendance is free.

  • Professional/Technical communicators/writers who are interested in learning about the future of professional communication.
  • Educators of technical/professional communication.
  • Computer science researchers who are interested in human communication


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