Published on October 22, 2014

The Jay R. Gould Award for excellence in teaching technical communication honors the distinguished teaching career of Professor Gould. Professor Gould’s academic mentorship of technical communication students guided many men and women into the profession.

The award honors excellence in teaching that becomes true academic mentorship: the personal and professional concern that the best teachers extend to their students beyond the demands of the classroom and beyond even graduation as former students continue to grow throughout their professional careers.


Members who have belonged to the Society for Technical Communication for at least ten years are eligible regardless of other STC honors or awards received (as in fellow or associate fellow, president’s award etc.). Nominees must have been involved in postsecondary education for at least fifteen years and have made a primary career in teaching the philosophy and theory of technical communication as a distinct discipline.

This is a teaching, not an administrative award; that is, it recognizes those who have made a career of classroom teaching rather than those who have been primarily in academic administration. (This, of course, does not eliminate someone who has done both.) Retirees who continue to be members of STC and who meet the award criteria are also eligible.

Please send names of nominees to: Dr. Tharon Howard, Department of English, Clemson University. This year’s award committee will contact that person and notify him or her of the nomination and request materials.

Award Guidelines and further information:

Nomination deadline: Wed., Oct. 29, 2014 Contact: