Published on November 18, 2014

At the IEEE PCS 2014 conference, Michael Alley, winner of the Ronald S. Blicq award for Distinction in Technical Communication, gave an engaging talk on the gap between what is expected of engineers in their professional presentations and what is taught in their classrooms, concluding with a need to revitalize teaching oral presentation delivery for engineers.

Engineers, he argued, are expected to have command of their material and deliver in an prepared yet natural, conversational style.  In a short interview following the talk, we asked him a few questions about:

  1. The Assertion-Evidence model for slide design
  2. How to arrive at that ideal style of delivery
  3. His number one tip for delivering effective engineering presentations

To learn more about Michael Alley’s Assertion Evidence model for slide design, see our page on slide titles as well as his website on the topic.