Carnegie Mellon University’s English Department is offering three graduate student travel scholarships for the purpose of increasing diversity in technical and professional communication.

This scholarship is available to any graduate student:

  • who has submitted a final paper accepted for inclusion in the IPCC 2014 proceedings, and
  • who either represent or have demonstrated a commitment to advancing an underrepresented community in technical and professional communication in their respective region, or internationally.

The scholarship waives the conference fee ($185) and provides the winners $500 to cover travel expenses to attend IPCC 2014.

Graduate students who are interested in the Carnegie Mellon Diversity Scholarship must submit a letter explaining how they represent an underrepresented community in the field of technical and professional communication. Factors that determine an underrepresented community may include (but are not limited to) ethnicity, disability, gender, and nationality.

Submission Guidelines

Submit your letter in a PDF format electronically to Necia Werner ( using the subject line “IPCC2014 Diversity Scholarship Application,” and name the file using the following naming convention:


Your letter must:

  • be one or two pages in length,
  • include your name and email address,
  • and include the ID number associated with your paper submission.


The letter of application must be received by April 15 June 13, 2014. The scholarship committee will notify the recipients of the scholarship by e-mail no later than May 12 June 31, 2014.

Selection Factors

The scholarship will be given to the graduate students who demonstrate the highest quality of research in their paper. The submissions will be reviewed by the conference program committee.


If you have any questions, please contact Necia Werner (