Although reports and presentations get the most attention in professional and engineering communication theory and research, engineers spend a large part of their time and energy on informal communication tasks, such as meetings, Emails, and journal entries. This page presents some strategies for dealing with those tasks more effectively. 

Improving Workplace Email Using the STOP Method

A webinar by Julia Williams, for the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

Email: it’s the first thing we check in the morning, probably before we even get to the office, and it rules our actions throughout the day. But despite the importance of email, we don’t spend much time considering how to make it more effective at accomplishing our goals. In fact, some of the email we receive is so confusing and poorly written, we may have a difficult time understanding exactly what the message is and what the writer wants. The STOP Method is designed to help you improve your email through four concrete strategies. This webinar will introduce you to the STOP method and give you opportunities to improve your email every day. Dr. Julia Williams will offer examples of poor email and identify the elements that contribute to its ineffectiveness.

The goal of this webinar is to provide you with easy-to-use tools that will make a difference in your email right away!

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