Published on February 23, 2017

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Thomas Orr. Tom served as ProComm President from 2010-12 and guided ProComm through an IEEE Technical Activities Board Financial Committee review during that period. The review allowed our society to re-evaluate its focus on member services and to chart a new Strategic Plan for our future directions.

In addition to his service as President, Tom worked tirelessly to bring new members to ProComm from Asia. In doing so, he extended the reach of our society into regions we had not connected with well.  Several former AdCom members served ProComm because of Tom’s persuasive appeal to them on a personal level. The loss of Tom after a long struggle with cancer is a loss for all of us and for our profession.

– Julia Williams, Past ProComm President.

Tom’s Obituary can be found here (