Published on March 17, 2022

The IEEE Professional Communication Society is proud to announce the publication of its special issue on Enacting Social Justice in Professional Communication, guest-edited by Godwin Agboka and Isidore Dorpenyo. 

Because IEEE ProComm recognizes the significance of the topic as well as the issue’s scope (250 pages), we have arranged to unlock the content for 30 days, effective today. The issue’s table of contents is given below. It is available at


The Role of Technical Communicators in Confronting Injustice—EverywhereG. Y. Agboka and I. K. Dorpenyo


Tools for Overcoming Oppression: Plain Language and Human-Centered Design for Social JusticeM. Sims

(Re)Designing Technical Documentation About COVID-19 with and for Indigenous Communities in Gainesville, Florida, Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico, and Quetzaltenango, GuatemalaL. Gonzales, R. Lewy, E. H. Cuevas, and V. L. G. Ajiataz

Precarious Data: Crack, Opioids, and Enacting a Social Justice Ethic in Data Visualization PracticeC. A. Welhausen

Embodying Public Feminisms: Collaborative Intersectional Models for EngagementT. Mckoy, C. Shelton, C. Davis, and E. A. Frost

Coding Equity: Social Justice and Computer Programming Literacy EducationA. Rea

“I Don’t Have a Gun Stop Shooting”: Rhetorical Analysis of Law Enforcement Use of Force Policy Documents, H. L. Stevens

Toward Data Justice: Understanding Police Shooting Data Systems and NarrativesR. Atherton

Unjust Revisions: A Social Justice Framework for Technical EditingS. Clem and R. Cheek


Collaborative Tactics for Equitable Community Partnerships Toward Social Justice Impact, C. Grant

Relational Recruiting: Using Black Feminist Theory to Inform Graduate Recruiting Strategies, J.-J. Alexander and R. Walton

Archives, Rhetorical Absence, and Critical Imagination: Examining Black Women’s Mental Health Narratives at Virginia’s Central State Hospital, N. N. Jones and M. F. Williams

Living Testimonios: How Latinx Graduate Students Persist and Enact Social Justice Within Higher Education, L. L. Phillips and R. L. DeLeon


Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Technical and Professional Communication Service Course, J. Bay

Prioritizing Access as a Social Justice Concern: Advocating for Ableism Studies and Disability Justice in Technical and Professional CommunicationK. C. Bennett


Building Towards More Just Data PracticesC. C. Gouge and E. B. Carlson

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