Published on October 2, 2015

ProComm 2016, October 2-5 at the University of Texas, Austin, welcomes papers, panels, and workshops on the teaching, learning, and practice of communication in engineering and technical contexts.

We also welcome papers that address this year’s conference theme, Communicating Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Entrepreneurs, as creators of knowledge and opportunity, are seen as major drivers of today’s economy. Universities, colleges, industry, and governments at all levels seek to support and encourage entrepreneurship and design thinking. Clearly, as practitioners and teachers of professional communication, we are uniquely positioned to understand and work in the new spaces created by entrepreneurs as they move beyond STEM and across disciplinary boundaries to design, develop, test, and communicate their new ideas. At the same time, technical communicators are themselves innovators and entrepreneurs, leading the development and use of new communication technologies. Possible topics could include these areas and others:

  • Theory and practice of entrepreneurship communication
  • Case studies of innovations, entrepreneurship, and creativity
  • Case studies of innovation ecosystems, open innovation platforms, and value chains
  • Information design approaches
  • Techniques and methodologies for designing, co-designing and co-creating information, such as Design Thinking and canvas-based heuristics
  • Teaching and training for innovation
  • Creating best communication practices for engineers who innovate
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in technical and professional communication.

Participate in ProComm 2016 in one of three main ways (in addition to attending the conference):

  1. Propose a paper
  2. Propose a panel
  3. Propose a workshop

Details concerning each of these options are provided in this .pdf. Please contact the program chairs Carolyn Labun and Marie Parietti if you have any questions.