Published on January 16, 2017

The Canadian Engineering Education Association’s Annual Conference – CEEA2017 will be hosted by the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario from June 4 to 7, 2017, and there’s still time to get your paper in!

All areas of engineering education research and practice are invited, more specific information on the conference will be posted as it becomes available. This conference offers a unique venue for academics and practitioners to discuss recent trends in engineering education and education research.  The conference includes workshops, plenary sessions and technical sessions.

The CEEA2017 Conference theme is “Innovation and Diversity in Engineering Education”. Innovation in Engineering Education can take on a number of diverse forms, including the incorporation of multidisciplinary perspectives, the incorporation of new technologies in the teaching of engineering, and finding new ways to form, deliver and assess learning experiences that reflect a diverse set of required outcomes. However, the conference will also capitalize on the dual meaning of “innovation in engineering education”, in that the conference will give members an opportunity to present research on and engage in discussion about how we teach innovation so as to build on work presented at the 2016 conference. CEEA2017 at the University of Toronto will celebrate our diverse approaches to innovation, with the common goal of improving Engineering Education in Canada and beyond.

Diversity is also relevant to the evolution of engineering in Canada and beyond, and is well reflected in both the University and City of Toronto.  The conference will provide an important opportunity to encourage a focus on how to engage and educate a diverse population of engineering students, taking into account the many dimensions of diversity that exist.  Further, the diversity dimension within our theme would also allow us to celebrate the innovative and diverse approaches to teaching engineering that emerge from the various regional and academic communities across Canada.

Our hope is that merging the dimensions of innovation and diversity will create a nexus that brings together what and how we teach, with who we teach and the engineering community that we are seeking to create. Thus the focus of the 2017 conference will be forward looking, so as to help shape the evolution of engineering education in Canada.

Proposals are due on January 20th; visit the full Call for Papers for more information! We hope to see you there!