Published on December 10, 2014


If you are thinking of attending the conference in Limerick, you simply must go! You are in for a treat on so many levels. First off, the core planning committee is once again in place and, although I cannot imagine how they could top the delightful experience from the prior conference in Limerick, I am sure they are planning some new and special moments.
Second, the accommodations are truly supportive of collaboration, with all of the necessary privacy and appropriate shared meeting, eating, greeting space. I, for one, was pleasantly surprised by how great the accommodations were. The pictures don’t begin to show you the real experience.

Third, the location for the conference is wonderful, and the special events planned in and around Limerick are fun, festive, and fascinating. I have fond memories of the conference, the events, the lodging, the food and drink, reconnecting with PCS friends and making new friends.

Carol Barnum