Published on August 30, 2019

A slate of seven candidates for election to the ProComm Board of Governors for 2020–2022 has been announced.

  • Alan Chong, University of Toronto
  • Kira Dreher, Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar
  • Joyce Karreman, University of Twente
  • Chris Lam, University of North Texas
  • Bob Lyons, Consultant
  • Laura Patterson, The University of British Colombia
  • Doug Phillips, West Virginia University

The election schedule is as follows (exact dates to be announced when known):

  • Online Election opens in early November, 2019,
  • Online Election closes in early December, 2019,
  • Board Election meeting in mid December, 2019.

Please contact Suguru Ishizaki (Nominations Chair) and Necia Werner (ProComm President) if you have any questions.