Published on January 5, 2015

The Intercom magazine, the official magazine of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), is interested in highlighting the work of students enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programs in technical, scientific, professional, or business communication.  To this end, the Intercom has created a new column – “Student Perspective” – dedicated to publishing short (750-1,000 word) entries written by students.  Of particular interest is student work that focuses on:

  • Proposed uses of social media in technical communication contexts
  • New and emerging media trends/developments that might affect technical communication practices or could be used by technical communicators
  • Legal and policy developments that could affect technical communication practices
  • Emerging practices in information design – including document design, web design, and interface design
  • Focused examinations of usability/user experience design approaches as related to technical communication
  • Content management and content strategy practices associated with technical communication
  • Research practices that can help technical communicators better understand and address the expectations of different audiences
  • Educational approaches related to the teaching of technical communication (particularly in online contexts)
  • International aspects of technical communication
  • Suggested applications of theory to technical communication practices

as well as other topics prospective authors think might be of interest to technical communicators working in education or industry.

This column is open to any graduate or undergraduate student currently enrolled in an educational program (e.g., certificate or degree program) in technical, scientific, professional, or business communication, and the column publishes both single-authored entries as well as co-authored entries written by two or more student authors.

Students interested in writing an entry for or contributing a manuscript to this column should contact the Student Perspectives column editor, Kirk St.Amant, at and the subject line of the related email should contain the words “Idea for Intercom Article.” Questions should be addressed to Kirk St.Amant at