Published on October 25, 2012

In addition to the newest issue of the IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, several articles have been added to the Early Access section of the websites of the journal. These articles are available for reading online now, and will appear in future print editions of the journal.

To read the articles:

1. Go to the following link.

Note: You will need an IEEExplore userid and password to view the articles.

2. Look for the words “Early Access” in the middle of the page.
3. Then click on the “View Articles” button next to the “Early Access.”
4. Then read!

Recently added articles include:

  • Research Article: Electronic Media Variety and Virtual Team Performance: The Mediating Role of Task Complexity Coping Mechanisms by Ned Kock and Gary S. Lynn, which explores the link between media variety, the implementation of team mechanisms and task complexity as well as whether such teach mechanisms can influence team performance.
  • Research Article: The Role of Leadership and Contextualization on Citizenship Behaviors in Distributed Teams: A Relational Capital Perspective by Xiqing Sha and Klarissa T. Chang, which exploresinspirational leadership, relational capital (such as reciprocity and commitment), citizenship, technology, and communication on distributed teams.
  • Teaching Case: Using a Research in Technical and Scientific Communication Class to Teach Essential Workplace Skills by Lucy Bednar, which explores which approaches to undergraduate research would enable aspiring technical communicators to develop research skills that would better prepare them for success in a professional environment?
  • Research Article: Phishing Susceptibility: An Investigation Into the Processing of a Targeted Spear Phishing Email by Jingguo Wang, Tejaswini Herath, Rui Chen, Arun Vishwanath, and H. RaghavRao, which explores how individuals process a phishing email and determine whether to respond to it.
  • Research Article: Measuring Mobile ICT Literacy: Short-Message Performance Assessment in Emergency Response Settings by Elizabeth Avery Gomez and Norbert Elliot, which presents anempirical basis for the construct of ICT literacy and demonstrates that, under simulation conditions, emergency responders can improve their performance with ICTs.
  • Research Article: Learning in Color: How Color and Affect Influence Learning Outcomes by Richard Kumi, Christopher M. Conway, Moez Limayem, and Sandeep Goyal, which explores how color differences change affective processes and outcomes in computer-mediated communication in learning contexts.