Published on March 16, 2012

Closing our first year, we are moving along at a great pace. There are five books under contract, with four under review. As the series editor, I am happy to inform IEEE, PCS, Wiley, and all interested parties that the PCS Book Series entitled “Professional Engineering Communication” is moving along well. With five titles signed in the first year and four under different stages of review as of this writing, the series is gaining momentum and attention from relevant researchers, practitioners, and instructors. This PCS book series addresses, specifically, the needs of IEEE membership, focusing on professional communication elements, techniques, concerns, and related issues. Created for professional engineers, technicians, academic administration/faculty, students, and technical communicators in related industries, this series meets a need for need a targeted set of materials that focus on very real, daily, on-site communication needs. With an eye to realistic examples, gleaned from engineers and their colleagues, this series aims to produce resources that are new, unique, and on task.

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Books Under Contract

Slide Rules: Design, Build, and Archive Technical and Engineering Presentations. Authors: Traci Nathans- Kelly and Christine Nicometo. 2012.
Aimed at revamping the methods and approaches for technical presentations on the job and at the university level.
Communication Practices in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Research for Food, Drug, and Water Safety. Editor and Author: David Wright. 2013.
Experts address specific communication constraints and resolutions from across the globe in these focused fields. Lessons learned here translate to all fields.
Information Overload: A Challenge to Professional Engineers and Technical Communicators. Editors and Authors: Judith Strother, Jan Ulijn, Zohra Fazal. 2012.
Addresses the elements that constitute information overload, what it means for professionals, and how to approach the problem.
Decisions: An Engineering and Executive Perspective. Author: Gerard “Gus” Gaynor. 2012/13.
Decision making has intricate structures, and this book addresses some of those complexities as they play out in engineering and the businesses that influence engineering.
Negotiating Culture: Stories in Intercultural Engineering and Technical Communication. Editors and Authors: Han Yu and Gerald Savage. 2012.
Builds on the knowledge of practitioners about the complexities in intercultural encounters in the technical fields.