Published on March 8, 2016

1118854314The latest Wiley-IEEE Professional Communication Society book, The Fully Integrated Engineer: Combining Technical Ability and Leadership Prowess by Steven Cerri, is now out.

College teaches you to be a good engineer. But it’s likely that your college engineering courses didn’t have time to teach you how to effectively contribute your ideas or how to transition to management or leadership. This book provides you with those missing tools.

This book addresses the differences between being proficient as a technical individual and effectively contributing to and leading a team to effectively contribute to various projects. The Fully Integrated Engineer: Combining Technical Ability and Leadership Prowess shines a light on how the habits learned in school, while contributing to individual short-term success, actually become hindrances in the modern engineering workplace if your goal is to achieve long-term success as either an engineer, a team lead, manager, or leader.  The author offers specific ways to address those limiting habits, turning you into an effective team contributor and leader building toward long-term career success.

Read more about the book on the Wiley site.