Published on July 14, 2014

Serving on the PCS AdCom is a great way to support our society!
Serving on the PCS AdCom is a great way to support our society!

There are many ways in which being a member of the IEEE Professional Communication Society contributes to your professional identify  For me, joining PCS was a way to connect with communication people who work with engineers, both in academic and workplace settings.  I found opportunities to collaborate with others through PCS on projects, as well as the chance to network during conferences.

Less apparent to me in my early years with PCS was the dedication and hard work of the PCS AdCom, the group of 12 volunteers who organize our conferences, manage our publications, and generally make our Society run.  PCS exists because of volunteers, many of whom have been generous in serving on the AdCom to help us achieve our goals of researching and improving engineering communication.

Currently we are seeking nominations for individuals who can stand for election to the PCS AdCom.  Information about elections is available on our webpage:

I hope you will consider submitting yourself for nomination, or to nominate someone who would be willing to serve.  You can contact me ( to talk more about the work of the AdCom.