Published on February 12, 2016

The IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication has published a special issue on Component Content Management edited by Rebekka Andersen (University of California at Davis), and Tatiana Batova (Arizona State University).

This is the first major peer-reviewed publication on content management in our field since 2008 and contains an update on the state of the literature, several case studies on various aspects of implementing content management, and a teaching case on how to integrate the subject into a course for majors.

Articles in this special issue include:

  1. Guest Editor’s Introduction, by Rebekka Andersen and Tatiana Batova
  1. Research Article: Component Content Management: An Integrative Literature Review, by Rebekka Andersen and Tatiana Batova

Synthesizes the professional and research literature on component content management published in recent decades 

  1. Case Study: The The Technical Communicator as both Adopter and Change Agent in the Diffusion of an Innovative Content Management System, by Grace Leinbach Coggio

Describes the case of an early adopter of component content management and the effective of the transition on policies, procedures, and the people in the organization.

  1. Case Study: The Effect of CMS Technology on Writing Styles and Processes, by Rahel Anne Bailie and Jeffrey Huset

Contrasts the experiences of training in two organizations adopting content management technology: one adopting a web content management system and another adopting a component content management system.

  1. Case Study: A Study of the Usefulness of Deploying a Questionnaire to Identify Cultural Dynamics That Could Affect a Content Management System Implementation, by Joe Gollner, Rebekka Andersen, Kathleen Gollner, and Tenny Webster

Describes the pilot of a needs assessment process for component content management implementations that specifically addresses cultural dynamics that could affect the project.

  1. Teaching Case: Teaching Structured Authoring and DITA through Rhetorical and Computational Thinking, by Carlos Evia, Matthew Sharp, and Manuel A. Pérez-Quiñones

Explains how instructors integrated DITA and component content management into an undergraduate course  for majors on creating user documentation.

The issue is available at:

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