Published on May 28, 2015

Friends at Ennis Club Woodstock

If you play golf at all, you’ll love golfing in Ireland! And no, you probably do not want to head for the championship courses, unless you are a rich golf pro.
But literally hundreds of small courses are found all throughout Ireland! Every village, it seems, has a golf club, and most welcome visitors. You can rent clubs and avoid dragging them along on the whole trip. (Besides, you can blame your scores on using unfamiliar clubs!)

Here’s the secret: Get up your courage to enjoy the small, surprising, interesting courses. The locals will be friendly anyway, but they do love to have visitors who can appreciate the old game. As you travel about the country, keep a sharp eye out for golfing opportunities.
You will find dozens of web sites about golf in Ireland; most feature the world-famous courses. I like this one because it focuses on smaller, lesser known courses:

After your round, don’t forget to stop into the pub for a dram, mingling with the wonderful local folks. Believe me, you will never forget golfing in Ireland!