The Risks and Benefits of Chat GPT 

By Kohava Mendelsohn

Recently, Chat GPT was released for use by the public by OpenAI. It is an extremely advanced AI chat bot that can answer queries for you. I think of it as a very advanced autocomplete system, taking in input as questions and outputting …

Effective Communication for Engineers

By Chat GPT

Effective communication is a key skill for any engineer to have, regardless of their level of experience or the specific industry they work in. Whether you are communicating with your colleagues, clients, or other stakeholders, the way you communicate can significantly impact …

Back to Basics: What Can Aristotle Teach Us About Modern Communication?

By Kohava Mendelsohn

As a Professional Engineer, it is important to be convincing in many circumstances: Convincing companies to hire you, convincing people to invest in your business, and convincing customers your product is what they desired. Much like today, in Ancient Greece there was much …

Managing communication in large-scale projects

Moving from Student to Engineer: Part 2

By Robert Lyons, Technical and Management Consultant, and Nancy Barr, PhD

On top of their day jobs, engineers are often called on to work on the proposals to win business that keeps the company alive. Engineering students are probably familiar …

How communication in industry differs from academia

Moving from Student to Engineer – Part 1

By Robert Lyons, Technical and Management Consultant, and Nancy Barr, PhD

The differences between academic and industrial communication projects seem to be in scope and scale of content, size and number of teams, duration of collaboration, and geographic dispersion. 

Industry …

Communication is negotiation

By Nancy Barr, PhD, and Robert Lyons, Technical and Management Consultant.

A common question of engineering students nearing graduation involves negotiating. They want to know whether it’s okay to negotiate when they receive a job offer, how to negotiate without offending, i.e., losing out on the …

Managing Q&A for Maximizing Engagement in Remote Environments

The question and answer period in any presentation has always been a key part of measuring and enabling audience engagement with the presenter and their content. An active Q&A session tells you that your audience has been listening and interested; a silent Q&A tells you …