Communication Practices in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Research for Food and Water Safety, Ed. David Wright

The latest Wiley-IEEE Professional Communication Society book is now out. Through the eyes and experiences of experts in the fields, Communication Practices in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Research for Food and Water Safety examines the ways in which communication has framed food and water safety issues in the recent past. As well, this … [Read more...]

IEEE Robotics & Automation Society extends an invitation to PCS members

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society extends an invitation to PCS members to attend a webinar on professional communication, presented by Dr. Julia Williams, president of PCS. Improving Workplace Email Using the STOP Method, Thursday, 30 May 19:00 – 20:00 Past Webinars: The Power of Presentations: Make Yours Informative, Persuasive, … [Read more...]

Announcing a New Book in the IEEE PCS Professional Engineering Communication Series – Negotiating Cultural Encounters: Narrating Intercultural Engineering and Technical Communication

Paperback Editors: Han Yu and Gerald Savage To purchase: Given today's globalized technical and engineering environment, intercultural communication is an essential topic for engineers, other technical professionals, and technical communicators to learn. Engineering … [Read more...]

Making Academic Change Happen, June 3rd – June 6th, 2013

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is once again offering a workshop for faculty, staff, administrators, and graduate students interested in improving STEM education. If you are interested in making a positive change in STEM education on your campus, come and join us in this active, participant-focused workshop. Come with challenges, projects, and … [Read more...]

Podcast: Six Tips for Effective E-Mail

What's the best way to compose an effective e-mail? Listen as George Hayhoe, an award-winning senior IEEE member and fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, offers six valuable tips in this first ever PCS Training Podcast. After listening to George's podcast, you'll know who to target with your email, how long it should be, and what … [Read more...]

Podcast: Tackling Typical Grammar Problems

This training podcast provides examples as well as explanations and tips for dealing with a few grammar or usage problems that occur for many engineering and technical professionals who have to communicate in a hurry, via, for example, email. Listen for ways to know when to use can or may, affect or effect, it's or its, and also me, myself, or I. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Establishing Effective Communities of Practice (CoP)

Jon Scharer introduces us to Communities of Practice (CoP) in this podcast. Communities of Practice, both for management and practitioners, have, for a variety of reasons, become more valued of late in the workplace. Listen as Scharer highlights two key factors necessary for ensuring the establishment and maintenance of an effective CoP. … [Read more...]