Published on October 6, 2023

A slate of six candidates for election to the ProComm Board of Governors for 2024–2026 has been announced.

  • Edward A Rezek, Senior Vice President of IEEE Smart Village
  • Alison Hutchison, Cornell University
  • Pam Estes Brewer, Mercer University
  • Jordan Smith, University of North Texas.
  • Zhijun Gao, Peking University
  • Bremen Vance, Mercer University

The election schedule is as follows (exact dates of results to be published):

Candidates announced, Oct 6, 2023 via website

November 1, 2023, Election Start

December 1, 2023, Election Ends

Board Election Meeting in December, 2023 to finalize and publish results

Please contact Immediate Past President Darina Slattery ( if you have any questions, and with potential petition candidates, until Nov 1, 2023.