Published on March 11, 2013


Editors: Han Yu and Gerald Savage

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negotiatingculturalencountersGiven today’s globalized technical and engineering environment, intercultural communication is an essential topic for engineers, other technical professionals, and technical communicators to learn. Engineering programs, in particular, need to think about how to address the ABET requirement for students to develop global competence and communication skills. This book will help readers learn what intercultural communication is like in the workplace—which is an important first step in gaining intercultural competence.

Through narratives based on the real experiences of working professionals, Negotiating Cultural Encounters: Narrating Intercultural Engineering and Technical Communication covers a range of design, development, research, and documentation projects—offering an authentic picture of today’s international workplace. Narrative contributors present firsthand experience and perspectives on the complexities and challenges of working with multicultural team members, international vendors, and diverse customers; additional suggested readings and discussion questions provide students with information on relevant cultural factors and invite them to think deeply and critically about the narratives.

This collection of narratives:

  • Responds to the need for updated firsthand information in intercultural communication and will help us prepare workplace professionals
  • Covers various topics such as designing e-commerce websites, localizing technical documentation, and translating workplace safety materials
  • Provides hands-on studies of intercultural professional communication in the workplace
  • Is targeted toward institutions that train engineers for technical communication tasks in diverse sociocultural environments
  • Presents contributions from a diverse group of professionals
  • Recommends additional material for further pursuit

A book unlike any other in its field, Negotiating Cultural Encounters is ideal for all engineering and technical communication professionals seeking to better communicate their ideas and thoughts in the multicultural workplaces of the world.