Published on August 22, 2019

Looking to get involved and to share ProComm’s expertise and activities? Have a great idea for a workshop or talk that would be of interest to other IEEE members? Why not join the Expert Network?

Our Expert Network connects ProComm members with IEEE societies and chapters that will benefit from our communication expertise. As part of this group, you may be asked to travel on behalf of IEEE to locations outside your region, to share your expertise on a particular topic in technical communication. The main audience for these activities is other IEEE societies, sections, regions and chapters, whose membership may be made up of professional engineers/scientists, engineering educators, and students.

All it takes to apply is a one to two-page proposal that we can share with other societies. Your proposal should include:

1. The title of your workshop or talk
2. A 1-2 sentence high-level description
3. A detailed description of workshop (or lecture) activities
4. A brief (~150 word) bio

Click here for an example of an Expert Network proposal*.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact:

* This example is targeted for a specific conference and audience. Your proposed workshop does not need to target a specific audience, and can be more general in nature.