Published on July 7, 2024

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Conference Schedule and Program


If you will be using slides, bring your own laptop and a dongle that will allow you to use USB support for projection. All speakers should expect to use lapel microphones so that all audience members can hear properly.


Session Q&A Structure: Most sessions include 3 presenters over 60 minutes, allowing for approximately 15 minutes for each presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A. As moderator, you should confer with your fellow presenters to decide whether you will take questions after each presentation or all together after all three presentations have been delivered.

Initiate the Session and Manage Timing: Welcome attendees and begin the session. Keep track of time during each presentation to ensure that speakers stay within their allotted time.

Facilitate Technology Support: If anyone has any problems with technology, please alert one of the CMU grad student volunteers. They will contact CMU Media Services. Each presentation room contains a whiteboard, projector, screen, and audio. The rooms are equipped with HDMI (hard wired). CMU Media Services will provide adaptors for all rooms each morning, but presenters should bring their own adaptor for HDMI connection.